Incubation Controller G-1029

Display : 128 x 64 Graphical LCD Display

Temperature: PT100 sensor with display in deg F

Humidity: Dry and Wet PT100 sensor with display in deg F or RH sensor with display in deg F

Resolution: 0.1 deg F

Accuracy: 0.2%

Set points: 2 Set points for heater, 1 for humidity, 1 for cooling, 2 set point for timer relay

Turning: Auto(after every 60 mins-fixed) and manual

Timer: Extra relay for timer which can be used for egg spraying or any other timer based function.

Power On delay: Power on delay function to prevent various machines from starting at once.

Alarms: Audible and visual alarms

Calibration: Software calibration for both temperature and humidity.

Optional: IR remote for operating the instrument from a distance.

Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development.