Digital DO Meter

Model: G-4001 Technical Specification

Functions                                             Dissolved Oxygen &Temp.    
Display 3 1/2 digit LED with overload indication
Power Supply                                                              230 V  + 10% 50 Hz. AC       
Dissolved Oxygen 
Range                                                           0- 20 ppm   
Resolution                                          0.1 ppm
Accuracy                                            + 0.2 ppm + 1 digit
Temp. Compensation                         0 to 50°C manual
Temp. Comp. Accuracy                     +2%
Probe                                                 GOLD/SILVER Ampere metric
Range                                                 0 to 100°C
Resolution                                          0.1°C
Accuracy                                           + 0.5% of range
Sensor                                                Pt 100 probe
Accessories      DO probe,Teflon Do Membranes,Instruction manual,       Dust Cover, Temp. probe, KCL, sodium sulphite crystals


Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development.