Microprocessor based Temperature Controller

Technical Specifications:


Process Range -50 °C to 400.0 °C for Pt100
-1999 to 9999 for mA
Accuracy 0.5%
Set points 1- 2 as per requirement
Hysteresis 0-2 as per requirement
Relay Control 1-2 as per requirement(option to set relay control below or above set point)
Calibration 2 point manual


Display 3 ½ digit 7-Segment LED 0.5”
Keys 3 keys
Input 3-wire RTD Pt-100 / 4-20 mA
Output 1-2 NO-C-NC potential free relay output (as per requirement)
Power Supply 230 V + 10% AC 50 Hz


Ordering Information:  G-1023 - X - XS - XR

X (Input)P-> Pt100 XS(Set point)1->Single XR(Relays)1->Single
 M-> mA  2->Double  2-> Double
 B-> Both with selection      

For e.g. Pt100 with double set double relay ordering code will be G-1023-P-2S-2R 


Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development.