Online DO Meter

Technical Specifications:

FunctionsDissolved Oxygen &Temp. (online)
Display3 1/2 digit LED with overload indication
Power Supply230 V  + 10% 50 Hz. AC
Dissolved Oxygen 
Range0- 20 ppm
Resolution0.1 ppm
Accuracy+ 0.2 ppm + 1 DIGIT
Temp. Compensation0 to 50°C automatic
Temp. Comp. Accuracy2%
ProbeGOLD/SILVER Amperometric
CalibrationManual by Multiturn port
Temp SensorPt 100 probe
Accessories     DO probe, Teflon Do Membranes,Instruction manual,
Temp. probe, KCL, sodium sulphite crystals

Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development.