Incubation Controller G-1040

Model: G-1040

  • Display: 3.5" Colored TFT display for quick and easy programming and historical trend analysis.
  • Modes of Operation:
    • Pre-programmed mode: In this mode one program the temperature, humidity and turning (10 settings for each parameter) and system will automatically adjust the parameter as per the day and hour
    • Fixed parameter mode: In this mode one can set a fixed value for temperature, humidity and turning interval which is used for entire incubation period.
  • Inputs:
    •      Temperature: PT100 based sensor with display in deg F
    •      Humidity: RH sensor with special SS filter(having pore size of 10 micron) with display in deg F or %age.
  • Turning: Automatic and manual turning with user select-able interval and duration.
  •  Alarms: Audio and visual alarms for all parameters with option to enable/disable alarms.
  • Historical trend analysis: Graphs based trend analysis for temperature and humidity with set parameters for last 25 days.
  • Alarm Logs: Alarms logs for last 100 alarms with date and time.
  • Password: Password protected settings to prevent un-authorized use.
  • Optional features:
    • Infrared Remote: Pocket size remote to perform all functions in the machine.
    • GSM based alarm system: To get status of the machine in case of an alarm or the get status on demand. 


Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development.