Incubation Controller Elite-2000

Model: Elite 2000

  • Display: 5.7 " Colored TFT display for quick and easy programming and historical trend analysis.
  • Modes of Operation:
    • Pre-programmed mode: In this mode one program the temperature and humidity (10 settings for each parameter) and system will automatically adjust the parameter as per the day and hour
    • Fixed parameter mode: In this mode one can set a fixed value for temperature, humidity and turning interval which is used for entire incubation period.
    • Delay Start Mode: The delayed start function postpones the incubation cycle for a pre-programmed period. This allows hatchery staff to start up machines during normal working hours. In the delayed start mode, the machine is kept at pre-fixed conditions, turning the setter into idle egg holding and pre-heating room.
    • Drying Mode: This mode is used for cleaning the machine after the incubation cycle.
  • Inputs:
    •      Temperature: PT100 based sensor with display in deg F
    •      Humidity: RH sensor with special SS filter(having pore size of 10 micron) with display in deg F or %age.
  • Turning: Automatic and manual turning with user select-able interval and duration.
  • Ventilation:  Elite 2000 controls the ventilation automatically based on the temperature and humidity inside the chamber. The ventilation is proportionally opened or closed based on the set values while maintaining the minimum ventilation using complex algorithm. 
  • Alarms: Audio and visual alarms for all parameters with option to enable/disable alarms.
  • Historical trend analysis: Graphs based trend analysis for temperature and humidity with set parameters for last 25 days.
  • Alarm Logs: Alarms logs for last 100 alarms with date and time.
  • Password: Password protected settings to prevent un-authorized use.

Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development.