Flame photometer

  • Microprocessor Based with Printer Interface
  • Auto Gas Cutoff 
  • Auto Flame Failure Detection
  • Four Measurements in Single Aspiration
  • Setup Storage Facility
  • Sample Data Storage Facility
  • Curve Calibration Programmability Using Maximum of 5 Standards
  • Multiple Calibration Curve Saving Facility
  • Data Processing Through Curve Fitting Techniques, Least Square, Quadratic
  • Online Help Key
  • Direct Results in ppm and meq
  • Useful for Medical & Soil Testing

The sample solution is aspirated through an automiser. Sample, Air and the fuel are mixed in the mixing chamber which is then sprayed as a very fine mist into the flame. The color of the flame is changed depending upon the concentration of elements present. Radiations from the flame passes through the sensing system and specific narrow band interference filter which permits only the characteristic radiation to pass to the photo-detector. The output of the photo-detector is then processed by the microcontroller and the final results are displayed on graphical lcd display.

In both models 5-Point calibration facility and non-linearity correction is provided through an automatic curve fitting software. Facility has been provided for re-standardization with a single standard, thereby, eliminating the need of the multiple standards once a calibration has been performed.


RangeNa: 0 - 100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dilK: 0 - 100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dilCa: 0 - 100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dilLi: 0 - 100 ppm
Upto 250 meq/l, 1:100 dil
Na: 0 - 200
1:100 dilK: 0 - 10
1:100 dil-Li: 0 - 2
1:5 dil
Na: 0 - 250
1:100 dilK: 0 - 100
1:100 dilCa: 0 - 10
1:2 dil-
SensitivityGeneral: Na: 0.5 ppm, K: 0.5 ppm, Li: 0.5 ppm, Ca: 15 ppm
FiltersNa & K supplied (Ca & Li are optional at extra cost)
Resolution0.1 ppm/meq
Reproducibility< 1% coefficient of variation for 20 consecutive samples using 10 ppm Na set as maximum standard
Curve Fit Accuracy< 2% error when 3 ppm Na/K and 5 ppm Li are set as maximum standards
Display128 x 64 Graphical LCD Display
Average TimeIn-built in software
Flame SystemLPG and dry oil free air
DetectorSilicon photodiode
CalibrationUpto 5-Point calibration with curve fitting software
Gas ControlAdjustable with knobs
Flame FailureAuto detection
Gas CuttoffAutomatic
Ignition SystemAuto ignition
AutomiserAxial flow type
PrinterProvision for attachment of dot matrix printer or HP laserjet/ inkjet (non-windows) printers with centronics parallel interface
RS-232CAvailable (PC software at extra cost)
Power230 V + 10% AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions285 x 255 x 210 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)
Weight7.5 Kg (Approx.)
Air SupplyBy oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator
Combustion GasLPG controlled by precision regulator
Power230 V + 10% AC, 50 Hz
Dimensions290 x 255 x 210 mm (L x B x H) (Approx.)
Weight8 Kg (Approx.)

Appearance and specification subject to change due to continuous development.